Chapter 36

Hagerstown, MD KHGR

Welcome to Our Chapter

Our Next Chapter Meeting will be on Tuesday December 3rd in the pilot's lounge at the Hagerstown Airport.  If you have questions or need directions contact any of our officers and they can help you out. 

Also, all are welcome at our monthly meetings so don't be concerned about just dropping by.

October marked the end of our flyins for the year.  We have a great day with perfect weather, hope you can join us when we start up again in the Spring.

 We still have our build nights on Mondays so if you think you might want to build your own or just want to see what it is like to build a plane come on out.  You can contact our officers for details.

Have some ideas on topics you would like to see presented at our meetings or do you have a topic you would like to present?  Let us know here

Tip of the month

Staying Trim

People like to keep fit and stay trim but for most of us that is a real problem because it takes work and discipline.  Pilots, especially new pilots, can have the same issue keeping the plane in trim but the good news is it doesn't require hard work and discipline and maybe all you need is a change in technique.

There are two things I find new pilots do that make keeping the plane in trim difficult.  One is relying on the vertical speed on the vertical speed indicator (VSI) to set the trim and the other is using the trim wheel to move the nose.

Let's talk a little about the VSI.  In its simplest form it is a flow meter that measures the flow of air through a calibrated hole so if you climb the outside air pressure lowers and the air flows out of the hole and the instrument will show a climb.  If you descend the pressure increases and the flow is into the hole and the instrument shows a descent but since we are dealing with starting air moving there is always a delay of a second or two before the flow starts or stops and the instrument registers.  If you try and use this to quickly to tell if you are climbing or descending you are chasing a moving target that is not giving accurate information.

I find the easiest way to trim an airplane is to  push or pull the yoke until you get an outside sight picture that looks level.  DO NOT USE THE TRIM WHEEL TO MOVE THE NOSE.  Hold this for a few seconds and then check the VSI and see if it agrees. Once you have a sight picture that is correct do not let the horizon move up or down and begin to move the trim wheel (handle for some of you Piper folk) until you feel the pressure on your hand go away.  Do not grip the yoke tightly.  I simply hold it with the palm of may hand if I am pushing or my fingertips if I am pulling.  Keep looking outside while you do this to be sure the nose does not move relative to the horizon and when you think you have it let go of the yoke.  If it move a little put it right back where it was, wait a few seconds, check the VSI and repeat.

I think you will find you can trim the airplane pretty quickly and have less frustration.

Feel free to let me know how it works for you and enjoy your flights!

Curtis Berry, CFI, CFII

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as of Oct. 26, 2016

                             SS         FS
   Hagerstown     $4.70    $5.45
   Martinsburg                  $5.20
   Frederick         $4.60    $5.40
   Westminster    $4.33    $4.93
   Winchester      $4.60    $5.00
   Cumberland    $4.75

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                           Chapter Interests

Our Annual Awards Banquet
was held at Mrs. Gibble's Restaurant.  It was a new location for the event and enjoyed by all.  To see some pictures of the event click here.

 Hagerstown Aviation Museum

Preserving Hagerstown's
aviation heritage.
The museum has a unique collection of aircraft built in Hagerstown, MD. They also sponsor aviation events throghout the year.



 The Capital Area Light Flyers
our sister club, is an incorporated, nonprofit, flying club formed in 1981 for the purpose of bringing together people interested in the sport of Hang Gliding and Ultralight flying. Their affiliation with the United States Ultralight Association (USUA) and other ultralight clubs in the area, assures you of getting the latest news about what and where this sport is going. 


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